Let me first state that prior to two years ago, when it became a mission to hone my skills and become a chef, I hated fish. I mean HATED!

Part of the issue I had centered on the fact that the fish I was purchasing was not good, not fresh and generally was unappealing. I met a new friend at a local fish market and my world view on fish changed forever. Edward, (name not changed to protect his innocence in corrupting me to become a fish eater), suggested I try some the fish from his market. He started me out with a basic salmon steak.

I took the fish back to my kitchen and came up with a basic simple recipe for this fish and I so enjoyed it that I was back the next week. This time he picked a mountain trout for me to try. He wanted to see what I would do with it and asked me to post it so he could see it.

Again, I took it back to my kitchen and whipped up another delicious fish dinner. This cycle has repeated itself to this day and I am hooked on fish. Edward picks out the fish he wants me to make including unusual ones such as blowfish.

My advice is that people who don’t like fish give it a try with fresh fish you can prepare at home. It is not difficult and is super delicious.

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