As I sit here writing this I am watching “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy”. Watching movies while writing helps me to focus better.

We all know what happened in 2020 to the entire food industry. From outbreaks in processing facilities, logistics problems, shortages caused by people hoarding supplies, waste of food products due to continuous lockdowns as well as the restaurant lockdowns themselves. There is now hope as we start inoculations across the globe so that we can rebound this year. I know that the people WILL come once we reach a goal percentage of the population who receive the vaccine. It won’t take much pushing to get them into our cafés and restaurants since everyone is itching to get out.

This past year kept me pretty busy with many things and I sort of fell out of step on my time management. For the new year I have a goal of getting back in step with the plans I had for this site in showcasing dishes we serve here at our café to give you ideas on things to make for your own family.

My other plans for this site are to give recipes for some of our popular dishes so you can make them with your family or for yourself.

In addition to the maintenance of this sight it is my goal to make some new and exciting dishes here at La Cucina Di Famiglia for everyone to enjoy.


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