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Hi, I am Chef Dionigi and I absolutely LOVE food. It brings me great pleasure to serve awesome food to others and watching them enjoy it with friends and family.

I first learned how to cook by helping my great grandmother and both my grandmothers. They each had different styles but had one thing in common, measuring. Their versions of measuring was handfuls, dashes and splashes. The other person who was a great influence in my early cooking years was my father, Maj. Morris. His military readiness included learning how to cook in the wilderness and making meals out of the simplest things. In my current years I am expanding my skills along with other chefs around the world through improving and blending old world recipes.

On my site I am sharing dishes served from our café kitchen which could easily be adapted to yours. I recommend buying local and fresh ingredients whenever possible and, if you have the space, grow your own. It could be as simple as a small herb garden in your apartment. Using fresh ingredients make every dish way more flavorful and delicious.

I want to show that cooking is not a chore and can be used to bring the family together and get them offline and in the real world to create dishes which will bring up great memories down the road.

When you start making your own food you will have a sense of accomplishment in creating something. It is good for the soul, so get cooking!


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